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[來源:www.home-vids.org] [作者:網站建設] [日期:18-04-02] [瀏覽次數:]
一、文字行間距設計 One, text line spacing design   字體大小,字體間距,怎樣設計的才能符合大多數人的需求呢?尤其是在移動互聯網時代,使用響應式網站設計,用戶用不同的設備上網,怎樣的文字排版設計最適合他們閱讀呢?這些因素在網站設計過程都要考慮在內。如果間距太小,呈現的文字太過于密集,很難讓人有繼續閱讀下去的心情,就算內容很好,用戶也不會再有興趣去看,這就很大程度上降低了網站的整體用戶體驗,造成潛在客戶的流失。 Font size, font spacing, how to fit most people's needs? Especially in the era of mobile Internet, the use of responsive web design, Internet users use different equipment, how the typography design the most suitable for them to read? These factors are included in the design process of the site. If the spacing is too small, present the text is too dense, hard to be continue reading the mood, even if the content is very good, also won't be interested in going to the user, it will largely reduce the overall user experience of websites, resulting in the loss of potential customers.   二、文字顏色視覺效果設計 Second, text color visual effect design   按照一般閱讀習慣來說,大多數網站文字顏色都是黑色,也有的網站是其他顏色,但是,對于大多數的網站文章字體內容來說,標題用加黑黑體,內容則比標題小一號,而且不建議用亮色系作為主體顏色,因為過于刺眼的顏色,會對視覺愉悅度造成影響,如果過于刺眼,會影響到用戶體驗。 In accordance with the general reading habits, most website text color is black, other color is also some sites, however, for most of the articles website font content, title with a black black body, the content is smaller than the title, number one and is not recommended for use bright color system as the main body color, too dazzling colors, will affect degree of visual pleasure, if too dazzling, will affect the user experience.