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[來源:www.home-vids.org] [作者:網站建設] [日期:18-05-24] [瀏覽次數:]
1、希望得到更多的人以更快捷的方式了解您的企業和產品,提高企業在同行業中的知名度從而增強企業的競爭力;2、希望獲得更多客戶訂單; 1, hope to get more people in more efficient ways to understand your business and products, improve the awareness of enterprises in the same industry so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises; 2, want more customer orders; 3、希望更有效地控制企業宣傳成本; 3, hope to more effectively control the enterprise cost; 4、希望通過網站的形式無形延長企業營業時間,客戶可以在任何時間瀏覽企業網站,選擇自己所需的產品而無須任何營業人員在線服務; 4, hope that through the web site in the form of intangible extend the time of business, customers can browse the website at any time, choose the required products without any business personnel online services; 5、希望開拓本地市場,發展港奧臺及國際業務 5, and hope to develop the local market, the development of port and international business 對于小企業通過傳統方式要發展國際業務是有一定難度的,但通過在internet上建立自己的企業網站,發布您的企業形象及從事的業務,將被世界上每一個擁有電腦和對您的業務感興趣的人所看到,即便是小公司,也可輕易與大公司競爭,在Internet上人人平等。 For small businesses through a traditional way to develop the international business is has the certain difficulty, but through the Internet to build their own enterprise website, publish your corporate image and engaged in the business, will be each have a computer in the world and are interested in your business people can see, even a small company, also can easily compete with large companies, on the Internet.