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[來源:www.home-vids.org] [作者:網站建設] [日期:18-07-07] [瀏覽次數:]
一、封面型 One, cover type 經常出現于網站的首頁,為一些精美的平面設計結合一些小的動畫放上鏈接,經常出現于企業網站和個人網頁。 Often appear on the homepage of the website, for some exquisite graphic design combined with some small animation links, often appear on the enterprise website and personal web page. 二、flash型 Two, flash type 采用flash功能,頁面所表達的信息更豐富,其視覺效果及聽覺效果如果處理得當,不差于傳統多媒體 With the flash function, the information expressed on the page is richer, and its visual effects and hearing effects are not inferior to traditional multimedia if handled properly. 三、框架型 Three. Frame type 分布在左右兩頁的框架類型和上下兩頁的框架類型,結構非常清晰,一目了然。 The frame type is distributed on the left and right two pages, and the frame type of the upper and lower two pages is very clear and clear. 四、標題正文型 Four, headline body type 最上面的是標題或類似的一些東西,下面是正文,一些文章頁面或注冊頁面等就是這種布局。 The top is the title or something similar, the following is the text, some articles page or registration page is the layout. 五、拐角型 Five, corner type 上面是標題及廣告橫幅,接下來的左側是一系列鏈接等,右側是很寬的正文,下面也是一些網站的輔助信息,這種布局中一種很常見的類型是最上面的標題及廣告,左側是導航鏈接。 The top is the title and the banner, the next left is a series of links, the right side is a wide text, and the following is the auxiliary information of some websites, which is a very common type of headlines and ads, and the left is a navigation link. 六、國字型 Six, Chinese character type 一些大型網站的選擇類型,即最上面是網站的標題以及橫幅廣告條,接下來就是網站的主要內容,左右分列一些小塊內容,中間是主要部分,最下面是網站的一些基本信息,聯系方式和版權聲明等。 The choice type of some large websites, that is the top is the title of the website and the banner advertisement, next is the main content of the website, the main part is the main part, the bottom is the basic information of the website, the way of contact and the copyright declaration.